Standard for Environmental Data

Context is everything

Sharing and using data in a productive way, requires comparable measurements. This workflow reviews NS9417 with the aim of establishing an industry standard for environmental data collection in open sea cages.

Sampling same data at same depths enables efficient machine learning, benchmarking of sites agains others, and running analysis on local management practices to constantly improve production based on quality data.

Adding new parameters to measure should be easy but based on real need, providing valuable insights for more efficient management of sites and areas.

The strategic benefit from contributing to, and adopting such standard is the situational awareness both locally and in the surrounding areas, which enables large scale analysis by running continuous models predicting weather, currents, algae blooms and other ways the site can be influenced by.

The standard for environmental data will detail what to measure, where to measure, and how to measure. Following the standard makes companies immediately better adapted to digitalization, capable of sharing environmental data as well as benefitting from data from other sites at the same time.

Want to learn more or contribute?

The group reviewing this part of the standard is a combination of industry, supplier and science stakeholders managed by Björgólfur Hávarðsson, Workflow Manager for Environmental Data.

For more information or direct contribution to the workflow process contact Björgólfur at or +47 92212727