Standard for Fish Health

Securing fish health and welfare

Securing strong fish health is crucial to achieve best results and provide best fish welfare in fish farming. Transforming records through standardization at farm level ensures harmonized data for better insight and a foundation for continuous improvements.

The main target is creating a platform for knowledge development for industry stakeholders by establishing standards for digital registration and processing of health data to strengthen the decision basis, simplify reporting and competence development related to fish health and fish welfare.

The standard ensures security and governance related to the use and sharing of fish health data. Making it possible to share quality data between industry stakeholders, fish farming companies, fish health service providers, laboratories, R&D institutions and authorities.


This workflow aims first at establishing demonstrators to verify digital exchange of fish health data at a defined standard between professional farm management systems related to aquaculture, fish health services, laboratories and other stakeholders, by working on the following projects:

  • Review NS 9417 Standard Norge: Salmon and rainbow trout – Unambiguous terminology and methods for documentation.
  • Realize data exchange with proof of concept on eight groups for losses and mortality data from Fishtalk and Mercatus on the AquaCloud platform
  • Establish digital standard for classification of losses and mortality causes in aquaculture.

Securing all interests

Standard for fish health is managed by Workflow Manager Olav Jamtøy accompanied with Head of Fish Health Operations at leading fish farming companies in a resource group, which has broad involvement from industry stakeholders and coordination with other industry projects related to fish health, fish welfare, and standardization to ensure the best results for all stakeholders.

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For more information or direct contribution to the workflow process, contact Olav Jamtøy at or +47 95816820. You can also post your feedback in the form below.

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