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Three standard levels for sensor data:

Sea farmers should always aim to be fully compliant, supporting all levels of the standard, to take advantage of all the possibilities that the standard enable.

Suppliers should decide to support the level of the standard that is most relevant to its current product portfolio. For example, a supplier that develops sensors and only want to focus on supplying sensor devices to the market, can decide to only support the Device level 1. Another supplier that aims to deliver a full vertical system from sensor to cloud to its customers, should support all levels of the standard.

Device – Level 1

The Device level includes the physical sensor in a fish cage, and any AQ-SDS compliant sensor plugin that the sensor might need, that generates sensor data. Be it a temperature measuring device, or a feeding system.

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Infrastructure – Level 2

The Infrastructure level includes the OPC-UA Open IoT Hub, and the docker container server running within or on a separate server for AQ-SDS compliant plugins, that receives the sensor data from the various devices, and distributes it to its subscribers. There can be several layers of IoT Hubs in a sea farmers infrastructure, and the standard allows it to have IoT Hubs from different suppliers, which can collect sensor data from different cages at one fish farm.

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Cloud – Level 3

The Cloud level in the standard is where the sensor data is stored, and accessible through the AQ-SDS API compliant endpoints. This is the primary data access point, as all historical data is stored in the cloud, the IoT Hubs is only in charge of structuring data into semantic models and providing the current state of the system.

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Get Started

The document describing the standard can be found here. If you have any questions, need help, or advice on how to start your journey towards supporting the standard either as a sea farmer, or as a supplier to the aquaculture industry, contact Tomas Finnøy at

Companies supporting the sensor standard

Want to be added to the list? Send an email to

CompanyContact personName of system/productRelease dateLevel of supportWebsite
Piscada ASKnut Drange
+47 41917231
Piscada IoT HUB, Piscada Open Aquaculture PlatformQ2 2021Sensor, IOT Hub and Cloud APIWebsite
Prediktor ASRobin Welch
+47 99627228
The Apis software platformReleasedIOT HubWebsite
Fishency Innovation ASEmek Seyrek
+33 614205345

Flavie Gohin
+47 97192552
Fishency360 – Digital Fish Welfare Monitoring PlatformSensor, IOT Hub, Cloud APIWebsite
Bluegrove ASMartin Munkeby
+47 48410290
Feeding Assistant, InspectorFeeding Assistant: Q4 2021
Inspector: Q3 2021
Sensor, IOT Hub, Cloud APIWebsite
Neuron SolutionSebastian Schjerven
+47 94170471
Neuron Data ManagementReleasedIOT HubWebsite
Wsense ASAlexander Bergrem
+ 47 47517928
Wsense IoT HubReleasedIOT HubWebsite