Data Platform

Data from sites along the coast

The Data Platform “AquaCloud”, has since its inception in 2017, gathered data from farmers in Norway. Today, the repository contains unique high-resolution data from operations along the coast. With support from the leading farming systems in the seafood industry, we are able to collect data points from all farming sites of the participating companies.

Transforming data for increased value

AquaCloud stores data from farmers with different farming systems and data fields. Through daily scripts and transformations, we harmonize the data to make users able to view comparable data points.

Due to international laws of competition and sensitivity of the data points, we also transform locations and other data in to masked data.

Our data is also supplied with additional data from BarentsWatch, Institute of Marine Research, and weather data to add further value.

Together for innovation

Data has more value when it is shared. That is why we currently work with many companies in order to bring value back to the farmers.

Our goal is that innovators and service providers will use the data to create services back to the farmers.

Right now we are piloting two data sets. One for benchmarking of fish health related issues between the farmers and one for public research.

Get involved

Are you a farmer and want to contribute with data? Are you a hardware supplier of sensors, cameras or other innovations and want to contribute with data?

Contact Kristian Blom at for further information.