Standard for Sensor Data

Enables equal access

The amount of sensors used today is growing, and the amount of data possible to gather even more so. This IoT-based standard for sensors secures well-described semantic models, enables any system built upon it to scale with growing industry requirements, and makes data accessible and shareable towards those who can help find answers in the growing datasets.

Seamless integration

This sensor data standard will enable all suppliers in the aquaculture industry to work seamlessly together on sensor data, without the need for expensive integration work. Support for sensors are easily developed, and any system supporting the standard will be capable of gathering its data.

Grow with the data

The wealth of information hidden in the vast pool of sensor data is not worth much unless you are able to share it with others that can help you find the answers you are looking for.

The sensor standard will help you to share your data with who you want, when you want, at little to no cost to yourself and partners.


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